Friday, July 24, 2009

BEWARE of Taxi Drivers!

Super Cab!
The name Super Cab could convince u tat they are extra super..
Why its true..
Recently i took a few taxi up n down a lot of places..
Then, now i found out why their company have to give such a name..

They are ultra friendly many ways..
When i was on a way to somewhere, i ran into a traffic jam,,
While waiting, the taxi driver would be so kind to talk to u..
Talking is fine with me..since i'm so friendly..
But i was wondering?
Do u ever ask a stranger about their lifestyle or family?
Or maybe ask something which is more of a private thing?
Well..i met 1~
He ask me all sorts of stuff..n even showed me his daughter's picture to me!
Asking how she look?
But of cause everyone would say nice thing even if its not..
Well, it sure is 1 gud experience.

2nd: They are really superb in everyway!
This is the worse scenario i'd ever met!!!
While waiting for the traffic light,
The stupid driver actually TAKE OF HIS SHOES AND SOCKS!!
Imagine the smell of fantasy!!
Wahlau eh..the smell! the very smell that smelly people had on their foot after a long day of wearing smelly socks with a smelly shoes..
Zzz..tat my friend, u guys should try to find a taxi driver with tat attitude!!
Like when there are mails sending around saying when u smell something weird in the taxi..
It will be dangerous!
Now i understand why?
I nearly survived from tat ride..
So guys, it is always "super" when u take super cab!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Going back to KUCHING!!

I guess tis is the last time i'm gonna write in tis blog!
Coz i'm going back to Kuching for a change..
And without internet there..
I can't possibly spend my time writing blogs in the CC right?

Everything is but a regret in my life..
Why did i walk on a crazy path instead of a futuristic path?
Why did i nvr think about the consequences for wat i did in the past?
All is but a stupid act without thinking for the 2nd time..
Guess tis time is my last chance to prove myself to be better than the old stupid me..
Hope tat i can walk into the right path tis time..
This few days was a blast!
I couldn't get enough slp,
I couldn't concentrate on other things,
Too much pressure going on in my mind,
Too much hopes from everyone, To be exact!
Well..i guess its time for a change in my life..
I really wish tat this time i could do something for my parents
make them feel that all the hopes and supports for me is not a waste at all..

To all my frens,
Thz for supporting me throughout my life!
Yeah! Tats the line..
And to whom tat angered..
I'm sorry!
I'm not myself for the pass few years..
Like i said, i'm totally different in mind and thoughts!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Unlucky day

Have you ever met a day where everything went wrong?
Well..i ran into it today.. *Sigh*
This is my worse day of my 20 years life..
I myself is not a believer of devil n unlucky things..
Till last nite while trying to rush my assignment..
I met the number "666" many times..
Whoah..mayb its a coincident or something
At 1st..i nvr bother bout it till this afternoon..
1st, my student card is denied while goin in to the comp lab..
Nvm, i climb through the block thingy..
2nd, i went to the wrg class..
3rd, i go check my exam result..
OMG!! i failed..
I suddenly felt the environment became dark..
Then come to now,
The things i ordered on9 nearly a week ago never came till now..
2x *Sigh*
Worse of dad scold me though its a misunderstanding..
Hope my unlucky day wouldn't last long..

Ladies & Gentlemen..
My parents will be making a decision tonight
(About me failing in exam)
whether i'm able to continue my studies..
Go back Kuching to work after tis semester..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tired day.. as usual, a very hot hot hot day..
The sun is shining so bright providing a very shiny say..
Like as say, too shiny till i had a sun burn behind my neck >.<
My skin getting darker every time i went out..*sigh*
Soon enuf i will be like an African black man..
Today, woke up by my phone msg from *Guan*
"Asking me to go bck Kuching nxt nxt month"
Err..okay, mayb if i'm free at tat time i will go back..
I miss kuching, my parents, and everything there..
I even miss Ah Tak's Chicken rice..
Not because he sell the ultra delicious chicken rice..
Jst bcoz in KL, i ate alot of lousy chicken rice..
None of them had met my requirement
If it does,
Well, its too expensive for me >.<
Lol..a msg from Guan makes me miss home only..
I wan to go back Kuching..
I wan to eat laksa, Pork Leg rice, and also KUEH CHAP!!

Oh yeah..yesterday i went to Secret Recipe for lunch..
n guess wat?
I saw "Sarawak Laksa" in their menu..
But didn't tried it because my reason to dine there is for
"Chicken Cordon Bleu"
I love it n i still love it..

Monday, June 29, 2009

A normal day..

Well, like any other days..
Not much happened..
Woke up around 11am
Went to buy some lunch and headed home to relax..
Today, actually i had a presentation..
But when i attended the class..
My lecturer told me i can do it tmr after the class..
No choice but to sit in the class for more than 2 hours listening to my "fellow classmates"
presenting their topics..
I was amazed how they looked like me last time when i started doing presentations..
Now i'm different!
More energetic and confident
(Outside..but not inside)
Saw some drama's happening in class
and guess wat?
I saw a girl fell of a chair..weird huh?
When guys fell off a chair,
everyone would laugh
But a girl fell off a chair..
We would like..
Err..r u okay?
Really weird eh?
The differences between a man and a women!

Finishes class around 7pm..
Headed home to chg and then head to The Curve for shopping!
Bought a new keyboard at cineleisure IT Superstore
Hmm..never heard of tis brand =.="
For more info u can check on their website here

Then went to Tesco to buy some junk food
Some canned food for me to survive for the rest of the week..
After all the shopping..
bought myself a halved grilled chicken for dinner..
and headed back home around 8.30pm
Came back home..
as usual, check email and i won a bid for a Mini SD as cheap as a retail price..
Got it from here
How nice..
Then, alter my presentation slide for tmr..
Wish me luck!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sepang Super GT 2009!

It was on a sunny Sunday where everything happens.
Me, Jeff, and Heidy when to Sepang to watch Super GT
The day that makes me eat maggi mee for 3 days..
As usual, i didn't had any sleep bcoz was too excited about it..
Jeff came to pick me up around 10am
Then head to Heidy's house next.
Till then,
Heidy just woke up with no other choices
Me n jeff headed to the nearby restaurant for breakfast while waiting for "Ms.Princess"
After that, we head to our destination!
Here we are!
Was too excited bcoz its my 1st time here!

When we reach there..
Something had happened and its an emergency
Its the thing that makes ppl goes crazy and running around jst to release "it"..
Understand wat i meant?
4 letter word
The last letter u will hav to guess urself

After all the commotion, we went to buy our tickets
and headed to the drifting area..
Sadly for Jeff, he missed the autograph session for
Keiichi Tsuchiya (DK)
Nevertheless we met a beautiful lady,
1 and only girl drifter, Leona Chin

Couldn't resist it and took the picture wif her..
It was a rare opportunity to see a lady drifter in tis country.

Long talk short say,
Its time where we head into the stadium
Walking n seeing n walking n seeing~
Wahlau eh..the weather is so damn stupid!
HOT & really HOT..
Till i saw tis 3 cars..
1 word to describe "OMGWTFBBQLOL"


Nissan GTR the latest there is..

Nissan Fairlady 370Z

Tis 3 cars were left just outside of the ticket entrance
For onlookers and for ppl who didn't attend the race.

We went into the ticket entrance and more cars were displayed..
More of local modified cars..
These were the contestant for "GT Lookalike Contest"
Here u see a Lexus which only attracts me..
So i only put tis pic on..
If the owner of tis car saw my post..
i think he will be the happiest guy on earth..

Well, i like to say..
Tis car is simple yet unique..
Afterall, too much bunga will make something ugly..

Then we when into the seating area..
See? Tis is our 1st seats..for the moment..
We can sit anywhere we like during the race..even in toilets oso can..
Happy smiles from both them.. cute! =.="
The race starts at 3pm..
So most of the events now are just a warm up for guest
and yet..the warm up events were awfully awesome..
They had a race by the Japan local F1 or F6..i dono..
And also u can see a Michelin man running around wif his head back and forth..
See that? The michelin man doin his cha cha dance..
Can resist the hypnotise of the goyang head and took a picture of him..

Well, for a big event like tis..
The foods and drinks the ppl sell is stupidly expensive and ugly..
Imagine a pcs of chicken wing + a cup of sugarcane = RM8.00
Wahlau..kill ppl meh?
For wat i heard from Jeff is tat outside food & drinks are not allowed..
Zzz..really kill ppl de..
But wat to do? Killing ppl is their middle name!

While waiting for the race we walked around for nearly 2 hours b4 the main event sta
GT cars line up on the tracks..

Tis event were divided into 2 groups..
Which is the GT 500 and GT 300
This 2 categories were put together into the race
Well, its seems like tis is more fun..

RX7 with the largest engine sound..
Believe me..once he pass through, my ears went "eeeeeee"

Car number 2..the is the winner of GT300
But the only attraction to tis car is the GT queen standing there..
Hahha..a bikini with a white cloth wrapping up..
Waowee..shek shi..

Once the race started for like 15mins..
My ears went "eeeeeee" and tak tahan
You can see the video if u don believe..
Increase your speaker volume to the fullest!

Then 3 of us went out for a walk..
How lucky of me..i nearly missed an important show..
Appearance from the GT queens
Lucky for me, nearly all of them appeared.
So far..the only attractions to every car events are the Models..

Tis 2 models comes with the name of Nana Shibata and Sana Yuuki
The current official GT queens 2009
So kawaii don u think?

Here is the performance by them..
Though a bit blur..
*Courtesy of Jeff's camera and Heidy's time for the video*

GMA Kondo Racing Team Queens (Yuko, Motoka, Chika, & Kana)

Mutiara Motors Race Queen

Megumi Eda, Aika Matsumoto & Emi Ochiai
*Fields Bomex GT Queens*
Car no.666
Evil yet pretty!
*Pics credited to Dennis Woo*

Zent Sweeties..
Junko, Chika, Mayu & Kaori
How sweet >.<
GT cars line up after the end of the race.

GT 500 run-up!

GT 300 run-up!

There you go..
Its kind of a new experience for..
RM50 brings a very unforgettable memory for me..
Those of you who missed this event..Sad~

Monday, May 18, 2009

説好的幸福呢 - 周杰倫

妳的回話凌亂著 在這個時刻
ni de hui hua ling luan zhe, zai zhe ge shi ke
我想起噴泉旁的白鴿 甜蜜散落了
wo xiang qi pen quan pang de bai ge, tian mi san luo le
情緒莫名的拉扯 我還愛妳呢
qing xu mo ming de la che, wo hai ai ni ne
而妳斷斷續續唱著歌 假裝沒事了
er ni duan duan xu xu chang zhe ge, jia zhuang mei shi le
時間過了 走了 愛情面臨選擇
shi jian guo le, zou le, ai qing mian lin xuan ze
妳冷了 倦了 我哭了
ni leng le, juan le, wo ku le
離開時的不快樂 妳用卡片手寫著
li kai shi de bu kuai le, ni yong ka pian shou xie zhe
you xie ai zhi gei dao zhe zhen de tong le
怎麼了 妳累了 說好的 幸福呢
zen me le, ni lei le, shuo hao de, xing fu ne
我懂了 不說了 愛淡了 夢遠了
wo dong le, bu shuo le, ai dan le, meng yuan le
開心與不開心 一一細數著 妳再不捨
kai xin yu bu kai xin, yi yi xi shu zhe, ni zai bu she
那些愛過的感覺都太深刻 我都還記得
na xie ai guo de gan jue dou tai shen ke, wo dou hai ji de
妳不等了 說好的 幸福呢
ni bu deng le, shuo hao de, xing fu ne
我錯了 淚乾了 放手了 後悔了
wo cuo le, lei gan le, fang shou le, hou hui le
只是回憶的音樂盒還旋轉著 要怎麼停呢
zhi shi hui yi de yin yue he hai xuan zhuan zhe, yao zen me ting ne